Bella Curls Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo

Pros: The price has been my argument this entire time. At 16oz, for as low as $5, you really can’t find a better priced NON’ Alcohol shampoo.

Cons: The lather is so intense and bubbly that if you have thick coarse hair that it will tangle it quickly and easily.

Heavy or Light: Light for sure, maybe even a little too light.

Cocktailed with: I would definitely put this with an immense amount of oil. You need slick really bad for this item because the cleanse is very efficient.

Smell: At first scent, it can be a bit off-putting. It has a slight floral smell but a really “affordable” odor. HOWEVER, once your hair is clean and dry it is very easy on the nose and smells great.

Appearance: v It is clear which was very different than typical curly hair products. The consistency was like Elmer’s Glue which was actually really thin silk which was pleasant.

Sticky: This product does not have a ton of elasticity, so it is really satisfyingly smooth

Cost: $5

Rating:   3

Natural Hair Kids Product Review

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SheaMoisture Review


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