Why I Created The Curl Club

My 3C curls

I know it may seem a bit random, but I want to explain why I started a hair blog in the first place. I have always had issues with my personal appearance. Whether it was with my hair, skin complexion, height, etc I always thought I wasn’t that great looking. Growing up, I was raised to never think you were that pretty because there is always someone prettier and no one like conceited people.

I was even told that if I thought if you think you are super pretty then you will get in some accident and mess up your face.

My 3C curls

Needless to say, I kept this notion growing up. In the year 2013, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy name Jordan. He has my complexion, he is short, my hair, and even my nose. When I saw how beautiful he was I knew that I had to stop saying what I would say about myself. I knew that if I thought I didn’t look that good then my son didn’t look that good which was A LIE. So from then on I made a declaration to write to myself notes about how incredible I am and gorgeous I am. It helped me tremendously. This made me want to encourage women of all ages who may feel less than in their own skin

Then tragedy struck in my life. I gave birth to another baby boy in 2015 and after only 3 months his heart gave out. My life was turned upside down in the matter of a moment. Im crying writing this because it hurts to think about it. For over 100 days he was hospitalized and I watched one of the loves of my life loose everything identifiable about him. He lost pounds of weight and personality. The one thing that made it even more noticeable was when we would see him immediately you would see all of his curly hair lying in the bed. Every curl that grew would just fall off and he would have hair everywhere. It didn’t grow back even after all of his surgeries and therapies. No one could help me find out why this was happening. So I took matters into my own hands. I read books, articles, and more literature than ever. I watched video and how to’s galore and since he is young I needed all natural and pure as possible.

So it’s safe to say that my kids are my reasoning and drove my purpose in life to build and help others out of sheer necessity and care.

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